Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lawn Fawn - Create a Beautiful Birthday Scene || Part 1 & 2 - Coloring and Assembling..

Hello crafty freinds,

Hope you guys are doing well... I'm doing great and pretty excited to share my today's project.. Its all about Lawn Fawn today.. I'm in love with the new lawn fawn release and its crazy cute..

At first I was not sure what I'm gonna make so I started with a with coloring the images from this beautiful BICYCLE BUILT FOR YOU stamp set..
So I stamped all the images using MOMENTO TUXEDO BLACK INK and colored them using COPIC MARKERS..

I have a video tutorial sharing the whole coloring process.. 
So you can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the coloring.. 
Watch the coloring video below or to watch on YouTube click HERE

The list of copic markers I used to color my Images are given in the video tutorial above and also I will list it down here - R 000, R 17, R 24, R 39, C 3, C 5, C 7, E 00, E 11, E 31, E 33, E 35, E 39, 
B 00, B 05, B  24, BV 02, BV 04, Y 19, YR 15, YR 16, RV 06, RV 23
So these were the copic sketch markers that I used to color all my images above.. I like not to add a lot of colors to all my images, I mean I try to choose 3 or 4 colors and try to mix match the colors evenly on all my images to avoid making all of them looking out of place..

When creating such scenes you do not want to distract by adding too many colors to your images, instead stick to some 2-3 colors and evenly distribute them to all the images in the scene to create a perfect balance.. 

Its all about making everything look pleasing to the eyes and not to distract from the whole scene..

So when I thought of craeting my scene I'm not always sure what I really want.. Its not that I know nothing, I have a pretty good picture of the scene in my head, but what I don't have is the color combinations I'm going to use for the elements in the scene apart from the images that I colored above..

So what I do is, I die cut all my elements using white cardstock, so this way I can create my own color combo when I have all my elements infront of me.. And I usually use Distress ink to ink up all my elements.. And what I really about distress ink is that I can give different effects to these elemenst using distress inks with water and all.. So That creates a fun texture on all the elements on the scene and make them look more life like..

This is what I did when I created my elements for this scene.. To start I used the MINI BRICKS stencil from Crafters Workshop and ink up my A2 size background using Vinatge Photo distress inks and mini blending tool. This made a really beautiful wall like background to start my scene.. 

Then I die cut all the different elements like the window panel, tree and the grass border.. I used walnut stain to ink up the tree and then I used distress water sprayer to spray water on to the tree and then bloat it dry using some paper towel.. So that created some beautiful bleached look on to the tree, making it look more life like.. I did the same for the ledge of the window and for the flowers I used Copic makers to color them all. I used G 07, BV 02, BV 04, RV 06, RV 23

Once all my elements are ready, I used my ATG tool and Multi Medium Matte glue from rangers to stick everything on to the panel.. 
When Creating such scenes , you want to stick things flat or on some dimensional tape, to give the illusion of far and near objects...
Like the tree here, I stuck it directly on to my card base to make it look as if its too far away.. Then comes the window panel, I thought I will add some dimension to it, but it looked ok with 2-3 lyers of cardstock and not as flat as the tree.. So I stuck it on the background directly using ATG tool.. 
Then I wanted my grass border to be on infront so, I stuck it using some foam tape..
I also stuck the images of the boy on the bicycle with balloons on the back using foam tape and matte glue. 

For my sentiment I white heat embossed half of the sentiment on the bottom of the card with 3 dots made using white gel pen.. 
And rest of the sentiment is stamped in black inside the card and I also stick one of the balloons image near the sentiment inside.. 

To finish of I used R 24 Copic marker to color the heart on the window panel... 

Watch the video tutorial below or click HEREto watch on YouTube..

This was a fun project to work on.. And I really am impressed with the whole outcome.. Its gorgeous.. 

Hope you guys do too..


Thank you for visiting.. Have a nice day...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lawn Fawn Haul - 2017 Spring Release

Hello Friends,

Today I'm here sharing my recent HAUL from Lawn Fawn.. Lawn Fawn's 2017 Spring Release is an amazing amazing release. You just can't say no to any of the products this release.. They all are too cute to resist..
This release will help to create some really fun new scenes for your cards..

This release is so awesome that most of the products went out of stock immediately, like in hours..  I had to wait and order again half of the products.. And I still Don't have some..
But I'm keeping an eye for rest of the products that I don't have. Do check all the products from these release at Lawn Fawn Blog, I'm sure you guys will love them all..

Watch the video below to see all the products close by as I share some ideas as to how to use the stamps and dies together to create beautiful scenes..

Watch the video below or click HERE to watch on YouTube..


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

No line Watercoloring - Zig Clean Color Real Brush || Your Next Stamp

Hello Crafty Friends,

How was your Tuesday.?? Hopefully good.. Well I'm having a great day as I did a lot of crafty work today and it seems you guys will have a lot of videos to watch these coming weeks... As I'm really getting into making cards with videos for you guys, as I have not really used my new supplies as I should have...

So I started with a technical video.. I have been practicing a lot of No - Line watercoloring and I thought I will share few of my views and findings with you all..

So for no line watercoloring you can start with a light color ink pad and any watercolor that you have in hand.. There is no rule that anything is better than what you have in hand.. But, yes there is always a "but", I prefer to use ZIG CLEAN COLOR REAL BRUSH PENS. 

Well the reason is very simple, this markers have very vibrant colors, and they blend like butter on Strathmore Bristol Smooth cardstock.. So you don't have to put in a lot of effort to have a perfect blending, and it will be a very controlled coloring as you don't have to use a lot of water to blend the colors.. 

Also as the colors are so vibrant you don't really have to create too many layers to get the perfect dimensional look.. Sounds something you can do..?? Just give it a try and you are gonna love it.. TRUST ME...

Watch the complete coloring video below or to watch on HD click YouTube


Thank You for visiting.. Have a nice day...

Friday, March 10, 2017

Soak Your Troubles Away - Wall Piece

Hello Friends,

Today I'm here to share a fun project with you... I have been thinking of creating it for quite sometime and I did it at last today... And I love how the whole thing turned out and I'm sure you guys gonna love it too..

I made a wall piece out of 8by10 Canvas for Bathroom, As this quote was perfect for the place - "Soak your troubles away".

I will confront that this is not my original idea, I did saw it somewhere on Internet and I really liked the whole thing - how it was put together and this got stuck in my mind...
Well I did add a lot of elements that are completely  different from the original piece.. I added a lot of details that was not present in the original piece..

Well without much ado, let me share some pictures with you....

Isn't it gorgeous... Oh my gosh.. I love it...
I just love how beautiful it turned out.. I love that I was able to achieve that 3 dimensinal look that I wanted to create... It really looks like a Bathroom... 
So to create that look I first sketched out the outlines of the wall on the canvas with pencil.. Then to lighten that pencil mark I painted a layer of white gesso.. So my pencil mark was dark enough that I was able to see a little bit of my guide lines to paint the walls and create the 3d look but not very dark to look through the colors (as I used light pearl yellow paint to color my walls).

For my floor, I wanted to create a tiled effect similar to my bathroom, so I used light brown color to paint the floor and then added dimension using darker and lighter shades of brown.. 
It really turned out great...

Now for my elements on canvas - The bath tub, the shelf with bottles and the towel, I created all this separately and then stuck them on to the canvas..
I hand sketched the bathtub, legs and the bottles, fussy cut them and colored them to stick on the canvas.. For the shelf, I just cut a piece of paper and colored it and stuck it on to the canvas.. 

Then for the towel I used a scrap piece of cloth, cut it to size, colored it using copic markers and and folded using glue to make it look neat.. For the rods, I used a piece of chipboard, cut to size and for the side knobs I used one of the jewelry findingd from my stash.. I actually fit perfectly for the knob.. I bent the chipboard from both the sides and stuck it using glue, and then stuck the finding on top as if its holding the rod there.. And then I hanged the piece of cloth using some double sided tape.. 

You can see the close up picture above..

Then for the sentiment I used the Concord n 9th stamp set and stamped the whole sentiment using black archival ink.. But somehow I thought the sentiment was properly placed on the whole scene and it didnt look good to me,.. So then I used my black marker and added some balck dots here n there all over the scene to bind everything together...

A collage of pictures for you to see the piece and its close ups together..

Hope you enjoyed it.. Thank you for visiting.. Have a nice day...

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